Mounting Services


Foam Board

This standard foam core mount is lightweight and suitable for mounting small and large prints. It’s fairly soft and easy to compress. It is more fragile than other mount boards. Price vary depending on size.


This is an excellent alternative to traditional cardboard mounts. They remain stable, flat and warp free, even when they are subject to large changes in humidity. They are less prone to edge and corner damage than foam core and cardboard mounts. Prices will vary depending on Size.


Standouts are ¾ inch think gator foam board, banded with an attractive, hard edge and provide a striking improvement over traditional “box” mounts. Stand outs have hanging holes on the back and are ¼ inch under size. Prices will vary depending on size.


The hardboard is 1/8 inch think wood product with two smooth, tempered surfaces. Both smooth and heavy, it provides a substantial “feel” and is extremely durable. Prices will vary depending on Size.